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Fisheries industry

Fisheries industry rests at the top tier of the Fish-X Community as they are prime beneficiaries of the project and will be involved directly or indirectly throughout the duration of the project implementation. 

Small-scale Fisheries
Broader fishing communities
Fishers’ representative bodies

Technology industry

The Fish-X Project witnesses Technology industry players as one of the prime stakeholders of the project as the project itself is a technology and open-source project which aims at making the European Union fishery industry sustainable.

MCS technology developers
Related technology companies
Broader digital transition actors

Scientific community

When it comes to oceans and marine biodiversity, Scientific community is another important stakeholder of Fish-X Project to work together in terms of research and resource development.

Ocean and fisheries science
Technology science
Other relevant scientific communities,
including political science and economics

Public bodies

Public bodies are poised to play a key role in provision of information, data, and sharing learning from past experiences that will help in strategy and planning of Fish-X Project.

Administrative and public authorities
Fisheries data holders

General audience

General audience also includes in the Fish-X community as they are end-users of fisheries’ products and the project efficiency will impact the general audience positively.



Media is considered fourth pillar of any society and similarly it can play a pivotal role in dissemination of impactful information about Fish-X Project to the stakeholders and beyond.

Fisheries media
Technology media
Environment media
General media