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Fish-X in a Nutshell

We believe in a Common Responsibility to foster Sustainable Fisheries and Marine Biodiversity.

  • We drive digital innovation to enable the sustainable exploitation of common natural resources.
  • We develop accessible technologies to empower small-scale fisheries and grow their credibility towards the customer.

Within the Fish-X project, we are therefore developing a Fisheries Dataspace, a Traceability App, and an Insight Platform – based on smart orchestrated architecture and open interoperable technology via Gaia-X.

Goals of

Fight Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) fishing

Promote a sustainable use of common natural resources

Support honest fishers and help generate fair economic returns

Foster synergies between fisheries, authorities, supply chain actors, and consumers

Advance the digital transition for small-scale and recreational fisheries

Contribute to traceable, healthy, and sustainable food

Outcomes & Impact

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7th Webinar on 30 August 2024 (Date TBC)

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Fish-X Community

Fish-X is following a stakeholder engagement strategy in order to respect the know-how and views of key sector experts and general public for the success of the project.

Project Structure

Fish-X is an EU funded project and has been divided into different work packages and deliverables that are being carried out by the respective consortium partners of the project.

Fish-X Stakeholders Survey 

Fish-X always looks for valuable contribution from its stakeholders for events and several deliverables. Please fill in our Stakeholders Survey as success of the project depends on your active participation and it will also allow us to share the updates of the project and invite you to the upcoming events.

Would you like to contribute & benefit from our stakeholder engagement?

Are you working in the fields of research applied to fish traceability , stock management or other relevant fields of research?

Consortium Partners of
Fish-X Project

Strength in collaboration, moving towards a common goal!

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