Fish-X Community 

Under this EU Horizon Europe Programme, Fish-X Project is a platform for community engagement, with EU fisheries at the centre and relevant actors around it, to work hand in hand to achieve the objectives of the project.

In order to tailor the key deliverables such as Fisheries dataspace (Fish-X), Insight Platform, and Traceability App to the needs of EU fisheries, structured consultation or dialogue are imperative with the external stakeholder groups as defined in the following diagram.
For collaboration, Fish-X distinguishes amongst three types of actors to work on the following four action areas: “governance and policy”, “data collection & traceability framework”, “digital infrastructure and equipment”, and “EU fisheries skills, behaviour, and practices”. Firstly, key actors are those organisations that will work very closely with the project, and they are the direct beneficiaries of it. Secondly, primary actors are the promoters of the project. Thirdly, secondary actors receive the updates of the project and are indirect beneficiaries.