Fish-X Deliverables

The Fish-X Project encompasses a comprehensive set of deliverables aimed at achieving its goals and driving positive impact. These deliverables collectively contribute to the overarching objective of the Fish-X Project, which is to foster the sustainable development and digital transformation of small-scale fisheries while promoting collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing within the industry.

Introduction to Preliminary EU Fisheries Roadmap for Digitalisation

In line with the European Commission’s (EC) Green Deal objectives, Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), and the EU 2030 Digital Compass, it is the vision for this preliminary EU Fisheries Roadmap for Digitalisation that, by means of innovative data management and new platforms, the development of better and more sustainable fisheries management can be facilitated in the future. The massive digital transition is ongoing in the European Union (EU) creates an opportunity to reconcile environmental and socio-economic issues in the fisheries and seafood sector, and to turn them into a positive trend for all stakeholders involved.

To read full text of the roadmap, please visit the below link:

EU Fisheries Roadmap for Digitalisation (Preliminary)