Insight Platform

Harnessing the power of data analysis, this platform aims to offer invaluable insights into fishing activities, resource abundance, and environmental conditions. Insight illustrates how the data space could be a data management tool used to share data collected and produced by fishers to feed several new applications in support to sustainable management, fishing effort statistics, or facilitating seafood traceability and promotion.

Development of Insight Platform is led by CLS. It focuses on developing and operating the Insight web portal. This platform showcases the utilisation of fisheries datasets for a broader audience under the control of the Fish-X Data Space. Preliminary results to date include the production of a detailed Insight functional specification and the testing of artificial intelligence tools for fishing gear detection.

Practical Use Cases were initiated, and substantial efforts were directed towards running practical use cases in different coastal regions with participation of volunteer fishers. Successful installations of Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) devices on SSF vessels in Portugal and Croatia paved the way for data collection essential for the development of the Fish-X Data Space and Insight Platform.