Who we seek to impact?

Direct and major impacts of the project!

Fisheries industry

Small-scale Fisheries
Broader fishing communities
Fishers’ representative bodies

Technology industry

MCS technology developers
Related technology companies
Broader digital transition actors

Scientific community

Ocean and fisheries science
Technology science
Other relevant scientific communities, including political science and economics

Public bodies

Administrative and public authorities
Fisheries data holders

General audience



Fisheries media
Technology media
Environment media
General media

How would we like to impact?

Digitising EU fishery industry for a sustainable future

Fish-X Project is a technology and open-source project which aims at helping the European Union fishery industry become more sustainable. We would like to impact positively on the Small-scale fisheries and associated actors by digitalising the value chain and processes involved, from farm-to-fork, for a sustainable blue economy across EU.

What do we hope to achieve?

Viable and sustainable digital solutions for efficient fisheries

Fish-X Project is focused on the new innovative solutions as it is required to mitigate socio-economic challenges confronting EU fishery industry and necessary for viable and sustainable solutions for efficient, transparent, and vibrant scientific results of the project. The final product of Fish-X Project should be sustainable, productive, and diversified fisheries systems focusing on better traceability of fisheries’ products.

Fish-X Digital Tools

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data Technologies

All the necessary and modern digital tools like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data Technologies, will be utilised to develop the platforms. The digital tools will be utilised for better traceability of fisheries products; integration of historic open and satellite data into the Dataspace to aid in generating insights; making the Dataspace a hub for applications in fisheries enabling; and ensuring the Dataspace and related hardware technologies optimise fishing operations and support a sustainable management of marine biological resources.